Arrival / Departure time 9 am - 6 pm
Bentonite litter
Feeding food brought by owners
Overnight stay in a private room
Photo report
Room cleaning

Accommodate your beloved cat in Barkvilis cat hotel located in Vilnius suburbs. Barkvilis will responsibly take care of your cat while you are away.


Room rent* 12 EUR/day
Room rent during the summer season and holidays * 14 EUR/day

* 10% discount is applied when staying for 8 or more days. 80% discount is applied for a second cat, 100% discount is applied for a third cat when living in the same room.

Additional services

Daily activities
Interactive toys

Price – 5 EUR per day

Daily activities

Price – 5 EUR per day

Transportation to the hotel
Transportation from the hotel
Transportation box

Price – 28 EUR per stay

Daily activities 3.00 EUR/unit.
Aromatherapy 2.00 EUR/unit.
Nail clipping 6.00 EUR/unit.
Brushing, ear, eye cleaning 1.50 EUR/unit.
Pet taxi (min 12 EUR) 0.60 EUR/km

The hotel reserves the right to change rates without a separate notice.

For our guests’ safety:

  1. Cats in heat, unspayed male cats and aggressive cats are not accepted in the hotel. In that case wee recommend the service ‘Pet nanny‘.
  2. A valid veterinary certificate (for vaccination) is required. Rabies vaccination is necessary. The service ‘Pet nanny‘ is recommended for cats with expired vaccination dates.