2 daily walks
Arrival / Departure time 9 am - 6 pm
Feeding food brought by owners
Overnight stay in a private room
Photo report
Room cleaning

Accommodate your beloved dog in Barkvilis dog hotel located in Vilnius suburbs. Barkvilis will responsibly take care of your dog while you are away.


Room rent for a dog up to 10 kg * 14 EUR/day
Room rent for a dog up to 10 kg in the summer season and during national holidays * 16 EUR/day

* 10% discount is applied when staying for 10 or more days. 50 % discount is applied for a second dog, 80% discount is applied for a third dog when staying in the same room.

Additional services

Daily activities
Interactive toys
Long lasting treats to chew

Price – 9 EUR per day

Daily activities
Long lasting treats to chew

Price – 9 EUR per day

Eye, ear, and nose care

Price – 18 EUR per stay

Daily activities 7.00 EUR/unit.
Aromatherapy 2.00 EUR/unit.
Nail clipping 6.00 EUR/unit.
Brushing, ear, eye cleaning 1.50 EUR/unit.
Pet taxi (min 12 EUR) 0.60 EUR/km

The hotel reserves the right to change rates without a separate notice.

For our guests ‘ safety:

  1. We use certain products and measures to neutralize the smell whenever a female dog is in heat. The cost of the agent is included in the invoice.
  2. Dogs aggressive towards people are not accepted.
  3. A valid veterinary certificate (for vaccination) is required. Rabies vaccination is necessary. We also recommend vaccination against this infectious disease called kennel cough. For dogs whose vaccines have expired, we offer a “Pet nanny” service.
  4. Dogs must be protected against ticks and flees.