2 daily walks
Arrival / Departure time 9 am - 6 pm
Bathing (extra pay)
Conditioning system
Consultation of behavior specialist
Daily activities (extra pay)
Feeding food brought by owners
Personal room
Photo report
Room cleaning
Vet care

Accommodate your beloved dog in Barkvilis dog hotel located in Vilnius suburbs. Barkvilis team will responsibly take care of your dog while you are away. We can accommodate only a small amount of pets in order to provide every one of them with attention and care they require considering their emotional and physical needs.

Each dog has its own room and are taken for walks daily and not left outside alone to spend time. Dogs need human contact and they prefer our company instead of spending time alone in a fenced area.

For the sake of your pet, we offer the help of a vet and a behavior specialist.


Rent of a room for a dog up to 10 kg * 16 EUR/day
Rent of a room for a dog up to 10 kg in the summer season and during national holidays * 19 EUR/day

* 10% discount for 10 days or longer stays. 50 % discount for a second dog, 80% discount for a third dog when staying in the same room.

Additional services

Daily activities

Smart toys

Chewables and treats




Ears, eyes cleaning

Nail cliping

Pet taxi from and to home

All inclusive

18 eur

per day

Active package

9 eur

per time

Sensitive package

9 eur

per time

Daily activities 7.00 EUR/unit.
Bathing for dogs up to 10 kg 15.00 EUR/unit.
Bathing for dogs over 10 kg 20.00 – 35.00 EUR/unit.
Aromatherapy 2.00 EUR/unit.
Nail clipping 6.00 EUR/unit.
Brushing, ears, eyes cleaning 1.50 EUR/unit.
Pet taxi (min 12 EUR) 0.60 EUR/km

The hotel reserves the right to change rates without separate notice.

For our guests ‘ safety:

  1. We use certain products and measures to neutralize the smell whenever a female dog is in heat. The cost of the agent is included in the invoice.
  2. Dogs aggressive towards people are not accepted.
  3. A valid veterinary certificate (for vaccination) is required. Rabies vaccination is necessary. We also recommend vaccination against this infectious disease called kennel cough. 
  4. Dogs must be protected against ticks and flees.