Barkvilis pet hotel has separate areas for dogs, cats, and other small pets. Dogs and cats are provided with personal heated rooms, where they can rest and feel safe during the night, play with their toys or enjoying their treats during the day, and avoid potentially unsafe contact with other pets, other related risks.

Dog hotel

In the dog hotel, small breed and large breed dogs are accommodated in separated zones. For dogs up to 10 kg, we offer a standard or improved spacious rooms with natural light. For medium and large breed dogs, we offer rooms with access to the fenced outdoor playground.

Cat hotel

The cat hotel consists of standard rooms and improved well-lit rooms. Cats have a separate area for games and plays where they can climb, sniff and explore the environment, play with personnel or simply look through the window.

Hotel for small pets

Small pets are accommodated in their cages or you can choose to book one of the cats rooms.