Requirements for GM (Good Manners) dog club members:

  1. Good behavior towards the staff of the hotel;
  2. Pet does not damage any hotel inventory or premises;
  3. Pet does not urinate or defecate indoors;
  4. Pet does not pull on the leash while walking;
  5. Pet is able to relax in personal room.

Club members – dogs that have mastered and demonstrated good manners during their stay in the hotel.
The goal of the GM club – dogs with good manners are worth our greatest attention. The efforts made by owners in correctly bringing up a pet must be appropriately valued by providing exceptional conditions.
Tasks of the GM club:
– to emphasize the dogs’ good qualities;
– provide exceptional conditions for owners and their pets;
– encourage pets to achieve even better results.

Selection is performed by the Barkvilis team. The hotel reserves the right to change GM club conditions and grant or withdraw membership at their discretion.

Your pet showed good manners ?

Thank you for your pet’s great behavior! Because of that, we will give you 10% of the amount you that paid for the stay as a discount. One of the following gifts is waiting for you:
– a discount of the corresponding price amount for the next stay;
– treats or other goods (for the corresponding price amount);
– free services (pet bathing, transportation, nail trimming etc.) for the corresponding price amount.
Good manners always pay off at Barkvilis!

What is it? Our hotel is often fully booked and customers have to make a reservation well in advance during the high the season. The priority service reduces the risk of club members not getting a room in the hotel. For this purpose, reservations are stopped by leaving several additional places. Good manners pay off, don’t they?