sunu maudymas sukavimas

Dog SPA – good for dogs and owners alike:

– The perfect solution in order to decrease dog shedding at home;
– Your dog will smell nice and his fur will become amazingly beautiful;
– You won’t need to brush your dog constantly and tidy up the bathroom after every dog bath.

Our grooming involves versatile care and nurture of your dog’s fur:

– BATHING. We use only professional cosmetics for dogs – shampoo, conditioner, masks that protect skin and fur from dehydration. After the bathing, the coat will become saturated, less tangled, shinier, and fresh for a longer period of time.
– DRYING. We blow out the fur with a very powerful air stream to remove any excess hair and it dries well;
– BRUSHING. We comb out excess fur that has not been removed during drying;
– EYE CLEANING. We clean up teary eyes to prevent bacterial inflammation;
– EAR CLEANING. We clean the dog’s ears with professional solutions and dry them thoroughly after bathing;
– NAIL TRIMMING. Nails should be trimmed weekly or at least 2 times a month. We will trim your dog’s nails so you don’t have to do it.

After this “de” shedding procedure the amount of dog hair in your home will significantly decrease. You will be able to hug your dog freely!


Dog up to 10 kg 20 eur
Short-haired dog 10 kg – 30 kg 30 eur
Long-haired dog 10 kg – 30 kg 35 eur
Short-haired dog above 30 kg 40 eur
Long-haired dog above 30 kg 45 eur