šunų dienos centras Barkvilis

Let Barkvilis take care of your dog’s day by bringing her/him to daycare which is located in Vilnius suburbs.

The daycare center is recommended for dogs that are:
– young;
– need a lot of attention;
– feel separation anxiety;
– scared, not self-confident;

Your dog at “Barkvilis” daycare will:
– have a lot of physical activity and will be much calmer at home afterward;
– become more socialized and gain self-confidence;
– learn how to positively interact with other dogs and people;
– try out various physical and mental games, interactive toys;
– associate traveling by car  with entertainment;
– puppies will be potty trained.


A single visit* 18 EUR
5 visit subscription * 70 EUR
A single visit with transportation 42 EUR
5 visit subscription with transportation * 180 EUR

* 50% discount is applied for a second dog, 80% discount is applied for a third dog. 2 EUR (dogs up to 10 kg) and 3 EUR (dogs above 10 kg) extra charge will be applied during the summer season and national holidays.

The hotel reserves the right to change rates without a separate notice.

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The day begins with breakfast, a positive association is created.

Time to relax.

Veterinarians do not recommend any physical activities after a meal.

Time for outdoor or indoor activities.

Excellent conditions for socialization.

Time for various interactive toys.