šunų darželis Barkvilis dog daycare

Barkvilis dog daycare in Vilnius can help to take care of your puppy during the most important stages of his development. Our daycare is best suited for puppies and young dogs up to 2 years old. We will help your puppy acquire the necessary skills for a fulfilling life in a society.

Price includes:

  • potty training;
  • learning proper behavior with people and other dogs;
  • individually chosen physical and mental activity;
  • smart toys and treats;
  • learning and maintaining sleep and activity schedule;
  • care during the day (8 am – 6:30 pm).

Benefits for the owners:

  • the home interior will not be destroyed by the young puppy;
  • while traveling you will be able to calmly leave your puppy in our care knowing that he or she will have a good time;
  • you will be able to rest after workday because we will take care of your puppy’s needs;
  • better relations with neighbors because the puppy won’t bark when alone at home.

Benefits for the puppy:

  • the puppy will become happier;
  • the puppy will learn how to correctly interact with people and other dogs;
  • will respond more easily to changes in life;
  • will become self-confident;
  • will overcome various fears. 


A single visit 25 eur
A month subscription* 450 eur

* Subscription is valid only on working days. 

20% discount is applied for a second dog.

The hotel reserves the right to change rates without separate notice.