Pet owner statements and obligations:

  • The owner of the animal is solely responsible for the behavior and actions of his/her animal and for the consequences during the temporary care period performed by the care center.
  • The animal owner declares that he has no objection that the care center may, during the temporary care of the animal, take pictures of the animal and place them in the ”Barkvilis” Facebook, Instagram account and website.
  • The owner of the animal undertakes to provide the care center with correct and complete information about the animal, including information on animal’s diseases, current health status, cases of aggression and other information relevant to the care of the animal, before signing the contract. If any damages occur due to incorrect or incomplete information, it shall be fully compensated by the owner of the animal.
  • The owner of the animal undertakes to provide information about the animal’s vaccines, their validity and to submit the documents confirming the vaccination.
  • Regarding the pet care when in the pet-owner’s home, the owner of the animal undertakes to instruct the care center or his/her representatives regarding the access to the premises (homes) where the animal will be supervised, the use of the facilities and devices in their home that are necessary for the care of the animal.
  • The animal owner undertakes to take back the animal until the agreed and paid term.
  • The animal owner confirms that he / she is familiar with the conditions of the animal’s home care center or the host’s home, and understands the natural risks and dangers that the animal may face during temporary care.

Hotel rights and obligations:

  • To properly care of the animal in compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania; keep clean and properly disinfect the premises; to walk dogs at least twice a day; to feed the animal at a rate recommended by the manufacturers or indicated by the pet’s owners; to clean up the animal space at least once a day.
  • In the case of pet care at the owners home, to protect the property of the animal owner, to treat assets entrusted to the care center with reasonable, responsible, honest and prudent care, to abide by all norms and rules of safety and hygiene. Do not allow third parties to enter the owner’s home during animal care unless this is necessary for the safety and health of the animal or care worker.
  • In the case of care at the pet owner’s home, the care center undertakes not to make copies of the keys given and to make every effort to avoid any damage to the property of the animal’s owner.
  • In the case of an animal’s illness or other disability during the temporary care, the center shall immediately inform the owner of the animal, who shall decide on the action to be taken in that case.

Payment and other terms:

  • The owner of the animal pays for the services provided by the care center in advance. The service charge includes a 25 EUR booking fee paid by the animal owner when ordering the service. In the case of booking cancellation, the fee is not refunded.
  • The parties confirm that they have read these rules, have understood all the terms and obligations set out therein, have been provided with all the information required by the rules, the data contained in the agreement are correct.
  • The parties undertake to protect and to never disclose personal data to third parties without the consent of the other party, to use personal data in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and only to the extent necessary for the implementation of the agreement.