This is the most frequently asked question. If no one is engaged with  pets and leave them alone, undoubtedly, they feel sad no matter where they are – at a hotel or at home, with friends or relatives. Routine is same at the hotel just like at home i.e. morning stroll, breakfast, then pets are returned to rest in their  rooms until the evening walks and dinners. If you order daily activities for your pet, then your pet receives good emotions and has no time to be sad. During the activities, we take pets outside, go for a walk or play in the enclosure, try to find other four-legged friends for them to play with, give interactive toys, so pets enjoy the daily activities and are waiting for them. After such good experiences, the pets happily return to the hotel.

Yes, we accept both large and small dogs. Dogs over 40kg are given larger rooms.

Dogs in the playground are constantly supervised. ”Barkvilis” team chooses the game partners very carefully. If there is even the slightest risk of injury, the dogs are separated immediately.

First, we inform the owners. In the absence of contact with them, we inform their relatives. Owners must leave an additional contact before departure if they won’t be able to be reached. We then bring the animal to the veterinary clinic or call the veterinarian to the hotel.

For an additional cost and at your request, we can bathe, groom, trim the nails, clean the eyes and ears for your pet. We can also arrange a visit to a professional dog groomer on request and arrange a trip to and from the dog grooming salon.

According to national law, we accept dogs, cats and ferrets older than 12 weeks of age. They must be vaccinated against rabies and the pet owner must provide a document certifying this.

Upon request, pets can be accommodated in one room or in separate rooms. Keeping the pets in the same room equals a cheaper stay.

Yes, the hotel has the appropriate conditions. It is important to freeze food at daily norms.

Prior to arrival at the hotel, it is necessary to make a pre-booking of your stay and confirm it with the hotel’s administration, pay 15 EUR *. Upon arrival, a pet vaccination passport with records of valid rabies and complex vaccines must be shown.

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* In case of cancellation, the reservation fee is not refunded. Reservation fee is not required if booking is confirmed one day or two before the stay.

Upon arrival, it is necessary to bring the pet’s usual food, you can bring treats, toys, an item or two that smells of home and of the owner.

We do not recommend that you bring fancy or soft pet beds as they might suffer during the stay (they can be torn and/or stained).

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