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Barkvilis pet care center welcomes you!

Barkvilis has established and provides clients with pet hotel and day care center services in Vilnius city. These services are meant to ensure the best possible conditions for your pets. We care deeply about their emotional state, therefore, when choosing the type of temporary care, you must first evaluate the way in which your pet would be best taken care of. The pet hotel is best for pets who suffer from separation anxiety, can’t relax when are left home alone or requires more attention. Dogs that visit day care center get gradually accustomed to the hotel’s environment and schedule, socialize with our personnel and other dogs, spends quality time outdoors and indoors.


We guarantee that our personnel will do their best to make your pet enjoy the stay in Barkvilis pet hotel.

The cozy hotel environment is designed for pets of all ages and sizes. Besides dogs and cats, we can also look after pet turtles, guinea pigs, parrots and etc. In order to achieve the best possible result – a calm and relaxed pet, we strive to occupy our four legged guests not only with physical, but also with mental activity. We are capable to take care of pets with special needs.

Day care center

Let Barkvilis take care of your dog while you are at work. In the day care, your dog will learn discipline, spend quality time separately from the owners, receive physical and mental activity.

The daycare center is recommended for dogs that are:
– young;
– need a lot of attention;
– feel separation anxiety;
– scared, not self-confident.