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Pet hotel "Barkvilis" takes care of dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, sea turtles, parrots and other small pets while their owner is away. We pay a lot of attention to individual pet needs and try to ensure that he/she would be happy, satisfied and stress-free during their stay with us.

Your beloved pet would feed good with us because:

  • small number of pets;
  • warm, light, clean, cozy and hygienic environment;
  • variety of offered games and snacks during daytime activities;
  • we care about pets' well-being by constantly monitoring their psychical and mental condition, pay special attention to sensitive pets;
  • the hotel meets all the requirements of animal welfare, hygiene and sanitation. We are registered by the State Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Lithuania as pet hotel service providers.

Prices of pet hotel

Prices of offered additional services*

*additional services (like packages) are meant to enrich your pets time during the stay and increase the amount of satisfaction he/she receives. All shown prices are applied for one day (except package SPA & Bath).


Security measures:

  1. Only neutered male cats can stay in cat hotel. For natural males we can offer care at home;
  2. We can't take care of female cats and dogs on their periods. For such pets we can offer care at home;
  3. We can't take care of aggressive dogs;
  4. Vaccination passport with a record of viable rabies vaccine is necessary when coming to the hotel. We highly recommend to vaccinate your pet from other infectious diseases before coming to hotel. We can offer care at home for not vaccinated pets. 
  5. Dogs must have  protection from ticks and fleas.

If you have any questions please contact us: ; +370 699 59894