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Daycare center

If your dog is still a puppy or adult which is super energetic, suffering from separation anxiety, fearful and has lack of confidence our daycare center is just what he/she needs. 

In day care your dog will: 

  • have plenty of time to play with other dogs or personel; 
  • get socialization lessons with other dogs and personel; 
  • do potty training (for puppies);
  • try new interactive toys; 
  • after full day at daycare will be calmer at home. 

On public holidays and during the summer season (June 01-August 31) additional charge of 20% will be applied.


Security measures:

  1. We can't take care of female dogs on their periods;
  2. We can't take care of aggressive dogs;
  3. Vaccination passport with a record of viable rabies vaccine is necessary when coming to the hotel. We highly recommend to vaccinate your pet from other infectious diseases before coming to hotel.
  4. Dogs must have  protection from ticks and fleas.

If you have any questions please contact us: ; +370 699 59894