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Pet care at home

If your pet has special needs or is sensitive to environment changes the best solution for her/him could be care at home. Trusted "Barkvilis" employees would come to take care of your pet and fulfill it's needs.  

Involved for dogs:
-going for a walk
-changing water

Involved for cats:
-litter change
-water change
-playing, atention and cuddling

Involved for rabbits and small pets:
-cage cleaning
-litter change
-attention and playing (if needed)

For parots and birds:
-cage cleaning
-attention to your pet


*On public holidays and during the summer period (June 01-August 31) 20% mark-up is applied.

**the price is valid in the city of Vilnius, when care is needed out side of the city, then the cost of 0.60eur / km is calculated.




  • No stress due to environment changes;
  • No need to ask relatives, friends or neighbors for favors;
  • we give information about how your pet is doing;
  • time saving;
  • suitable for pets with special needs (sick, sensitive, fearful);
  •  pays off when there is more then one pet.


If you have any questions please contact us: ; +370 699 59894